Daniel Welch    Western Massachusetts Babe Ruth Baseball State Commissioner

For 25 years Dan has played a major role in youth baseball in western Massachusetts hosting 15 regional tournaments, bringing two World Series to Westfield, serving as a league officer, coaching and umpiring. He has received several awards for his service to the youth of his community.

  • 1996 – 2002          Vice President, Westfield Little League
  •       1998                Program Volunteer of Year for Dedication to Youth Sports Programs of the Greater Westfield YMCA
  • 2001 – 2003          Vice President, Greater Westfield Babe Ruth League
  • 2001 – 2006          Coach, Greater Westfield Babe Ruth League
  • 2003 – Present      President, Greater Westfield Babe Ruth League
  • 2003 – Present      Host President for 15 New England Regional Tournaments
  • 2008 – Present      Certified as Baseball Umpire for MA Baseball Umpires Assoc.
  • 2009 – Present      Western MA District 2 Commissioner
  •      2014                Received Jack Lanzillo Award for Outstanding Contributions to Baseball in Western MA from Western MA Baseball Umpires Assoc.
  •      2016                Hosted 2016 14-Year-Old Babe Ruth World Series
  •      2017                Elected to Western MA Baseball Hall of Fame
  • 2018 – Present      Western MA State Commissioner
  •      2019                Hosted 2019 13-Year-Old Babe Ruth World Series


William Amanti     Regional Tournament Director

Bill Amanti is a graduate of the Westfield Babe Ruth program. When his son reached Babe Ruth age, Bill got involved in all aspects of the Westfield Babe Ruth program serving as VP and Treasurer in addition to coaching and managing teams. He remained with the program after his son graduated and has devoted himself to Babe Ruth Baseball and the youth of New England for 31 years.

  • 1960-1963               Player, Westfield Babe Ruth      
  • 1984 - 1989             Coach/Manager Little League.   Helped organize league
  • 1990 - 2000             Coach/Manager Babe Ruth; Reg season and All Stars, Vice President, Greater Westfield Babe Ruth, Treasurer, Greater Westfield Babe Ruth
  • 1990 - 2012             Western Mass Assistant Babe Ruth State Commissioner
  • 2012 - 2018             Western Mass Babe Ruth State Commissioner
  • 1999 - Present         Tournament Director for 13-15 NE Regionals



Michael P Walker     Rhode Island Babe Ruth Baseball State Commissioner

Mike Walker over the many years has put forth a great deal of time, effort, energy and his many talents expended on the New England Regional level as a state commissioner he has helped set the policy in New England, is always at the annual New England Coaches Clinic at Fenway Park, always  at the Babe Ruth League Day at Fenway, he attends the annual regional meetings and is there for the full weekend participating at the regional meeting as well as the committee division meetings and at the diners and breakfast and lunches working on New England business.

  He is active with the tournaments on the various levels.  Along with various duties in the best interest of Babe Ruth League, Inc., for the New England Regional division.

Michael J Haddad, Sr     Connecticut Cal Ripken State Commissioner

Over the years Mike has been involved on the various levels of the program in Connecticut and the New England Region in a variety of different positions.  He has run many tournaments district, state and regional in providing the opportunity for the youth to participate in having fun and enjoying playing Baseball.  He has worked as an administrator in coordinating all the aspects of making things happen. 

Mike has been a great supporter of the Connecticut and New England Regional annual Jimmy Fund - Dana Farber Cancer Research fundraising over the years.  He attends the regional meetings for the weekend and participates in regional events.



James Rivers    Former New Hampshire Softball State Commissioner

Jim Rivers has been a long-time softball coach, umpire and state commissioner and has served NH Babe Ruth Softball for over a decade and one half. Starting as an umpire in 2002, and then recruited and brought into the Babe Ruth family as NH Softball State Commissioner in 2005-2006 by Softball Regional Commissioner Mike Costello, Jim has overseen a steady growth and increase in not only participants but has been a steady voice of reason and development of Babe Ruth throughout the region and a great representative nationally of the program.

Under his watch, NH has grown into the largest Babe Ruth softball state in New England and one of the largest in the Northeast. NH boasts over 400 registered Babe Ruth Softball teams.

Thanks to his efforts, NH has established and hosted the annual Russ Monbleau World Series Qualifier for the past six years.

He served as a color commentator for the live streaming coverage of Babe Ruth Softball World Series games the past two years.

Jim recruited and mentored a solid corps of patched National Umpires Association (NUA) officials and has been an official himself since 2002. Jim served at fourteen (14) Babe Ruth World Series tournaments.

Jim has been a long time patched official with the NH Softball Umpires Association. He served as President for an unprecedented two terms (at the request of the Executive Board and approved by the membership).

Jim is a long-time sports broadcaster. He was inducted into the NH Legends of Hockey Hall of Fame in 2012 as a Media Personality for his years of contributions to NH hockey.



Larry Carter    Maine Cal Ripken Assistant State Commissioner

Larry has either assisted or directed 20 state tournaments as well as 18 New England Regional tournaments. He is in the Maine State Hall of Fame and the state 8 year old travel trophy is named after him.  Larry's character and leadership qualities are beyond reproach. His contribution to directing district, state and regional tournaments is excellent and his participating at regional meetings.



Philip Marcoux     Connecticut State Commissioner

Over the past 29 years Phil Marcoux has been involved in a great way for the Babe Ruth League in Connecticut. Phil started coaching, umpiring in Babe Ruth league in 1989 in Milford and was an official in different capacities as well as a member of the board of directors. Phil went on to be an assistant district commissioner under Bill Pullan. Phil then served as a district commissioner for the Babe Ruth League Bambino Division and went on to become the Bambino and Cal Ripken, Jr., Baseball State Commissioner. Over the years, Phil has run many tournaments in the different divisions of Babe Ruth League in Connecticut and the other New England States. He is a great supporter of the Jimmy Fund in Connecticut and New England and with Dana Farber. In the Connecticut state board of directors Phil Is Chairman of all the divisions working with the state commissioners in a democratic way where everyone's voice is heard, they vote and run it like a business in the best interest of the youth and all concerned. The board knows about all the divisions and help each other with the marketing, retention and growth of Babe Ruth League in Connecticut. Phil has attended many of the New England Babe Ruth league coaches’ clinics with the Boston Red Sox and the New England Regional Babe Ruth League days at Fenway Park and has helped to run the events. Phil's wife Carol is very supportive of him and this makes his job in Babe Ruth League in Connecticut and New England easier to do and have fun in his "work for the youth”!



Jim Edelman     Western Massachusetts Cal Ripken State Commissioner

·         Played Babe Ruth Baseball as a youngster in 1964.

·         At 19 yrs old began coaching youngsters in the 9 to 12 age group.

·         In 1999 Jim was appointed the West Mass State Commissioner by the Late Ernie Papazoglou.

·         Over the years Jim was able to take a 4 League West Mass. Program and build it up to the Present 40 Leagues that West Mass. Cal Ripken League now enjoys.

·         Jim over the years has served as a Coach, Manager, District and State Commissioner.

·         Jim has also served as New England Regional Tournament Director

·         Was instrumental in the development of the West Mass. Hall of Fame. 

·         In 2006 he was honored as the Lefty Gomez Volunteer of the Year.



Jeffrey Brosseau     Vermont Babe Ruth Baseball State Commissioner  

·         1985-2002 Coached in the Vermont Babe Ruth 13-18 Yr Old Babe Ruth Baseball Program 

·         2000 to 2015 Suburban Babe Ruth League President

·         2004 to 2015 Vermont Babe Ruth District II Commissioner

·         2011 to Present Vermont Babe Ruth Baseball State Commissioner

·         Tournament Director for 3 Regional Tournaments 

·         Assisted in Getting the Vermont Hall of Fame Organized


Everett Downing     Rhode Island Cal Ripken State Commissioner

·         1972-1978 Umpire for several Rhode Island Babe Ruth Leagues  

·         1998 Was Nominated to the position of Rhode Island Bambino State Commissioner (Now Known as Cal Ripken Baseball) 

·         Served as Regional Tournament Director

·         2001 Cal Ripken 10 Yr Old World Series Task Force Member in Vincennes Indiana


Bernie Gonyaw     Vermont Cal Ripken State Commissioner

·         Coach in Vermont 13-15 Babe Ruth Program

·         Served as a Babe Ruth Umpire

·         Babe Ruth Asst. and District Comm.

·         Served as the 16-19 State Commissioner 

·         Presently Serving as the Vermont Cal Ripken State Commissioner 

·         2008-2015 Asst. Regional Tournament Director

·         Instrumental in starting the Vermont Babe Ruth Baseball Hall of Fame 


Barry Jordan     Maine Cal Ripken State Commissioner & Softball Assistant Regional Commissioner

·         1992 -1994 served as Umpire for Regional Tournament

·         1996-1999 District Commissioner for Maine Babe Ruth  

·         1999-2001 UIC for 12 & 13 World Series 

·         2001 to 2015 Maine Softball & Cal Ripken Commissioner

·         2008 to Present Task Force Member Softball World Series


Rosemary Matanes     Eastern Massachusetts Softball State Commissioner

·         1970's Assisted Past State Comm. Dan Lynch   

·         2002 East Mass. Babe Ruth League Secretary

·         2004 Served as East Mass. Babe Ruth League State Commissioner

·         Appointed East Mass. Softball State Commissioner

·         Served many Years as Regional Softball Tournament Director

·         2015 Appointed also as West Mass Softball State Commissioner


Herby Violette     Western Massachusetts Babe Ruth State Commissioner

·         Served as a Volunteer, Coach & Manager and Umpire for many years

·         Served as District and State Tournament Director  

·         1970-1983 Worked with the Boston Red Sox on Coaches Clinics

·         Served as West Mass. Jimmy Fund coordinator  

·         1969-1976 West Mass. Presidents Reception with Claire Ruth

·         1969-1976 Jimmy Fund Awards Night  

·         1975-1983 New England Regional Secretary

·         1979-1983 New England Regional Advisor



Donald W Clarke     Assistant Regional Commissioner

For 32 years Don has volunteered on the local, Disrict, State and Regional levels of the New England Region.  Don has hosted and ran Tournaments as a Task Force Member or Director at all these levels of Babe Ruth League, Inc.  Since 1998 Don has been the Director for the New England Senior 16-18 Year Old Regional Tournament. 


Dr. Charles Steinberg     Executive VP Boston Red Sox

Charles from 1988-1993 with Baltimore Orioles, San Diego Padres  and in 1995-2002 Boston Red Sox Commissioners Office and  Major League Baseball 2010-2012.  Charles has been instrumental in providing the Babe Ruth League Clinic at Fenway Park and in his years with the Red Sox has helped with  Babe Ruth League Days at Fenway Park. He has promoted and supported Babe Ruth Baseball not only in Boston but also throughout the United States and in Foreign Countries. 


Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Jimmy Fund)

Since 1969 New England Babe Ruth Baseball has partnered with the Jimmy Fund by raising over 1.2 million dollars.  Brenda Goodell, Special Events Director stated "Today we can cure 80% of all childhood cancer and almost 70% of adult cancers.  That is in large part thanks to the generosity and philanthropy of donors and supporters such as Babe Ruth League”.



Andrew McCarthy Jr.     Regional Tournament Director

Volunteered 43 Years at the Local, District, State and Regional Levels.  Andy served in many positions and participated in our annual coaches clinic.  He also participated in the annual Babe Ruth Day at Fenway Park.


Robert Nutile         Winchester, Massachusetts

A volunteer of 47 Years, Bob was Host President for several Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken State Tournaments, 5 Regional Tournaments and 2 World Series.  He served many years as President of the Winchester (Sachem) Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken Baseball/Softball Programs.



Norman Messier     New England Regional Commissioner

Babe Ruth Umpire, Vermont State State Commissioner and  New England Regional Commissioner


Fred Bondi     Connecticut Babe Ruth Baseball State Commissioner


Jim Smerczynski     Eastern Massachusetts



George Lally     International Board Member



Pete Pourier     Manchester, New Hampshire     

Past New England Babe Ruth Board of Directors


Bill Slifkin          Bethel, Connecticut

Connecticut State Treasurer & District 4 Commissioner



Richard Roy     Western Massachusetts Babe Ruth Baseball State Commissioner


Don Bigelow       Western Massachusetts Exec Assistant Babe Ruth Baseball State Commissioner


Russ Monbleau    New Hampshire Softball State Commissioner

Responsible for the development of New Hampshire Babe Ruth Girls Softball Program.  Personally recruited new leagues and was known as the "Father of New Hampshire Babe Ruth Girls Softball"


Buddy Lane     Eastern Massachusetts 16-18 Assistant Babe Ruth Baseball State Commissioner



Mike Janicki     Eastern Massachusetts Cal Ripken State Commissioner  

Developed the growth of Cal Ripken Baseball in Massachusetts.  Also served many years as a member of the Babe Ruth World Series Task Force.


Mark Matanes     Eastern Massachusetts Babe Ruth Baseball State Commissioner


Fred Lajoie          New Hampshire Cal Ripken State Commissioner

Responsible for the development of Bambino/Cal Ripken Baseball in New Hampshire starting with a total of 2 Leagues in 1982, built the program up to 55 Leagues and 23,000 youngsters.   Served for 30 years as the New Hampshire Cal Ripken State Comm.   Host President of the 1988 World Series in Nashua NH and served as a member of the Babe Ruth Task Force on a number of World Series throughout the country.



Everett Shays      Western Massachusetts State Commissioner



William Pullan      Regional Jimmy Fund Director



Ernie Papazoglou     Regional Commissioner



Dick McGuire        Maine State Commissioner



Robert Curran       Regional Advisor



Burr Jacobson      Western Massachusetts



Cy Greenbaum      Connecticut State Commissioner



Tom Murphy          Regional Advisor

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